Linear is my go-to garage door opener brand for most residential applications.  I have been installing their products for over a decade and find them to be the most reliable and user friendly.  Linear openers are only available through a garage door professional and are not sold in stores.

The Best Safety Eyes

Safety eyes (aka “IR sensors”) that won’t stay lined up are one of the biggest sources of frustration for homeowners.  Linear brand safety eyes are the easiest of any major brand for users to align and seem to be less effected by direct sunlight than other brands.  They also have the most versatile mounting bracket, making them much easier to install properly.

The Linear LDCO800 is a great opener, the one I have installed the most of over the years.  You can read my detailed Linear LDCO800 review for more information.

It has a strong 800 Newton (roughly equivalent to 3/4 h.p.) D/C motor, and is quiet and smooth with a gentle start and stop.  The LDCO800 is available with belt(as quiet anything else on the market) or chain (still a lot quieter than the old chain openers many people think of).  It can accept a backup battery that fits within the motor cover.

The LDCO800 chain drive is a great choice for heavier doors as the Linear “T” rail is strong, and easy to attach a center support to.

Internally, the LDCO800 has very few parts to fail.  I have never had any significant warranty issues with any of their products.

Linear LDO50 is a good choice for a professionally installed budget opener.  It is a chain drive that is mechanically very similar to the ubiquitous Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Sears-Craftsman chain openers and makes about the same amount of noise.  Compared to the LDCO800 it is pretty loud.  Not battery backup or wifi compatible.

It utilizes the same chain or belt rail and remotes/keypad as the LDCO800.


If you are looking for a professionally installed garage door opener, the Linear LDCO800 is what I consider to be the best opener on the market.  It is quiet and reliable, and the safety eyes are easy for homeowners to deal with.

The only drawback is a lack of some of the deluxe features offered by LiftMaster, such as a wall control with digital display, motion sensor, and door close timer.  If you don’t care about these features, the Linear LDCO800 is a great choice that will probably save you about $100 compared to a comparable LiftMaster.